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논문 상세정보

매체언어 교육 단원 개발과 수업 실행에 관한 연구 : 초등학교 6학년 국어 교과서의 뉴스 단원을 중심으로

A case study on the development and implementation in elementary schools of a unit of lessons on news in sixth-grade Korean textbooks

한국초등국어교육 no.48 , 2012년, pp.311 - 654  

This article examines the process of development of Korea’s first unit of lessons on news (Unit 5: Facts and Perspectives, in Korean: Listening,Speaking, and Writing (Year 6, Semester 1)) and teachers’ application of it after its introduction in elementary schools in the first semester of academic year 2011. The research questions are as follows. First, what guidelines were followed to develop the unit in accordance with the Korean National Curriculum (2007) and the format for school textbooks, taking into account teaching and learning strategies as well as sample news items? Second, how did the teachers use the unit of lessons as well as the guidebook for teachers and multimedia resources while teaching? Third, what are the implications of the answers to the two previous questions for teaching and learning media language and, more broadly, for literacy education, as well as for news as a specific media genre? The research methods used comprise analyzing the documents and manuscripts produced in the process of developing the test and official versions of the textbook and interviewing,using an in-depth method, seven teachers who taught the unit during the first semester of 2011. The findings of the research are as follows. First, in comparison with the learning content defined in the 2007 curriculum, the aims and content of the unit comprised writing news as well as reading it critically. However, a tendency to use formulaic strategies and simplified concepts in teaching strategies and learning activities pertaining to critical reading was observed. Making students find the “right answers” to questions about given texts rather than encouraging them to develop a broader critical understanding of news is unwise. Second, the teachers appeared to have modified the learning activities and subject matter relating to news in the textbook on the basis of their understanding of news as a critical facet of media literacy education. This article discusses the implications of these findings for the development of a new textbook on the basis of the revised national curriculum for 2011.

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