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논문 상세정보

『청록집』의 공간 상상력

A Study of Space Imagination on the 『Cheongnokgip』

어문논집 no.65 , 2012년, pp.379 - 402  

This study tries to look into a poetic works 『Cheongnokgip』 based on a special method of study named space imagination. This collection is well known as 'close association with the nature'. However, Three poets, Mokwol, Jihoon, Hyeshan applied a space of nature on their poems differently each other.The space on Mokwol's poem is open and wide. He desired to show a traditional emotion from a defensive attitude eagerly. So, a wide and open space has an effect on showing a traditional sorrow. On the other hand, Jihoon used a closed space on his poem more often. Because, he tried to reveal a sprit or a mind of a classical schola. A closed space works to emphasis a situation of a speaker who is in confined well.Against the two poets Mokwol and Jihoon, Hyeshan's poems are unlike with those of them. Most of all, his perception concerned with the poem was much more realistic as compare with the other two person. He wanted to expose a hope such as making peace, maintaining harmony on the poems. For that reason, Hyeshan used to describe a huge spase like a huge mountains, field and the great outdoors.

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