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논문 상세정보

공감능력과 미술 감상능력의 상관관계 연구 -초등학교 4학년을 중심으로

The Study on Relationship between Ability of Empathy and Art Appreciation - Focused on the 4th Grade -

미술교육연구논총 v.31 , 2012년, pp.95 - 118   http://dx.doi.org/10.35657/jae.2012.31.0.005

Even if the art of the Postmodernism demolishes boundary with avant-guard art, Still the majority of contemporary art to the general audience, rather than fun, and difficult to feel embarrassed.The purpose of this study is for Researching the relationship between ability of empathy and art appreciation. because I think that empathy what emotions or motivations and feelings about other people's feelings or reactions and appreciation of art which works of art via the artist's life and his way of life is very similar.To study the relationship between art appreciation and ability of empathy, J in Cheongju-in 4th grade boys and girls surveyed was 29. and their ability of empathy and appreciation of art was put into a screening tool. In order to measure art appreciation use five activities of curriculum consisting, then estimate them through an open-ended of Elementary Teachers' Manual contains test. It used as a tool to estimate their ability of empathy through Empathy Questionnaire made by Park Seong hi(1996). The relationship between ability of empathy and art appreciation as a tool to analyze the statistical SPSS ver 12.0 was used.The results obtained through this study are as follows. First, ability of empathy and children's art appreciation is certainly a positive correlation. Second, compared to the cognitive variables of empathy and emotional variables of empathy has a greater correlation. Third, most of the variables of empathy to imagine that the correlation is high.In conclusion, The results of this study children’s art appreciation and ability of empathy has the ability to have a definite positive correlation was found.Through this study, I intend to prove the relation between art appreciation and empathy skills. and the ability of art appreciation using empathy education to find ways to its value as the basis for the study are presented.

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