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논문 상세정보

Field Independence/Dependence and Its Applicability in the EFL Classroom

Field Independence/Dependence and Its Applicability in the EFL Classroom

현대영어영문학 v.56 no.2 , 2012년, pp.247 - 268  

This research aims at investigating the significance of applying the concept of cognitive style in EFL reading classes. The purpose of this study is to see if Field Independence (FI) cognitive style is related to the performance of Korean EFL learners on reading comprehension. More specifically, the study attempts to focus on the interactive effects of the degree of FI and instructions on reading achievement. Sixty five freshmen students in one university of Korea participated in this study. Based on the results of cognitive style survey, the subjects were divided into two groups (FI and FD), and the results showed that there was no difference in the reading performance of FI and FD students on general reading comprehension, but aligning FI/FD with reading instructions showed significant interactive effects. From this finding, it is expected that the results of this study can provide more efficient and useful information about effective reading strategy instruction for Korean college students.

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