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논문 상세정보

토지 합병을 통한 국공유지 관리의 효율화 방안 : 청주시의 공공용지 합병을 사례로

A Proposal for Effective Management of State and Public Land through Land Consolidation: Case of Public Land Consolidation in Cheongju

국토연구 v.73 , 2012년, pp.183 - 202   http://dx.doi.org/10.15793/kspr.2012.73..011

Of state and public land managed by the national and local governments, the land which is used for public use may be composed of a plural number of land units, even if it is occupied by one single facility. As management of public facilities standing on a plural number of land units has its efficiency compromised, local municipalities consolidate sites used for a set of public facilities as a solution to the problem. This thesis aims to push for effective and aggressive consolidation of public lands by making a proposal regarding the obstacles arising in the process of consolidation. The study has examined different cases involving a survey related to scale change, registration conversion etc, or conflicts related to registration, or mismatch between official documents related to real estates, or unreasonable administrative zoning, or passive management by management authorities to suggest solutions.

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