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논문 상세정보

김수영 시에 나타난 ‘얼굴’의 의미

The meaning of ‘Face’ appearing in Soo Young, Kim's poems

비평문학 no.44 , 2012년, pp.67 - 94  

This thesis intended to call an attention to the importance of the 'face', the poem word in the Soo Young, Kim's poems by utilizing the quantitative index and search for the relationship between the 'face' and the 'unknown' through the analysis process. 'Face' has the highest frequency among the poem words that are related to the body in Soo Young, Kim's poems, and is prevalent evenly all over Soo Young Kim's before-creation period. And, Soo Young, Kim once told in one of his proses that she wrote that the 'unknown' is the spirit that the poet should pursue constantly."Face" in Soo Young, Kim's poems has the independent characteristic that it is not contained neither in the main agent nor in the object. It calls attention to the outer space of the perception area and appears in the poem as an obscure shape. We call the scope that the main agent can not perceive the "unknown area". Not the face of a stranger but the face of an unknown is appearing in Soo Young, Kim's poems.

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