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논문 상세정보


The Original Character of Hikaru Genji: What did the Korean Visitor See

일본문화연구 no.43 , 2012년, pp.5 - 16   http://dx.doi.org/10.18075/jcs..43.201207.5
사토 세키코

The purpose of this research is to solve two questions on the naming of the hero of The Tale of Genji. One question is the reason why the description of the naming is positioned at the end of Chapter Kiritsubo, unrelated to the preceding part, in which the hero’s housing affairs are mentioned. And the other is the meaning of the description that the person who named the hero “Hikaru kimi” was a visitor from the Korean Peninsula. As for the first question, we reached a conclusion that the description of the naming comes last because Chapter Kiritsubo is constructed according to the biography of Prince Shotoku in Nihon-shoki, the first chronicle in Japan. The short biography has 6 constituents: the hero’s parents, birth, talent, father’s love, housing and name. Chapter Kiritsubo has just the same 6 constituents listed above in the same order. In other words, Hikaru Genji, the hero of The Tale of Genji, is prototypically modeled after Prince Shotoku.And one reason why a Korean should be the hero’s godfather is that the Korean Peninsula was considered to be a culturally advanced area in those times. The author needed a common criterion in the cultural area of East Asia to estimate the hero objectively. Another reason we can indicate for the second question is that only men from the Korean Peninsula could see the radiation of Bodhisattva in Prince Shotoku. The author of The Tale of Genji might have expected the readers to imagine that the Korean visitor actually saw the radiation of Bodhisattva in the hero, which brought him the idea of the name “Hikaru-kimi”.

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