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논문 상세정보

중국‘정치 팝 아트(政治波普藝術)’의 형성과 전개

Formation and Development of Chinese Political Pop Art

한국근현대미술사학(구 한국근대미술사학) no.23 , 2012년, pp.147 - 173  

This study analyze the concept formation and development process of Chinese Political Pop Art, which is a important Chinese modern art - in 1990s in China. It reviews the embracement process of the western Pop Art after the Post-Cultural Revolution(後文革). through exhibitions of Western modern art, translated western books and thesis.Additionally, the purpose of this reports is to examine the well-known process of ‘Political Pop Art” in international art world through Chinese modern artists’ domestic and international exhibitions and articles of Chinese art magazines.In the late 1970s, Deng Xiaoping implemented the reform and opening-up policy after the end of Cultural Revolution. It influenced Chinese art world. The information on western art had been blocked during Cultural Revolution. The exchange of economic and social side between China and Western world guided cultural side.In 1985, Robert Rauschenberg’s exhibition in Beijing was a very important event to inform western art trend at same era. However, because the relation between Chinese and western art terminated for a long time, Chinese art world indiscriminately absorbed western modernism and post modernism at the same time and then it changed Chinese style modern art.The western Pop Art , introduced by art magazines in the late 1980s, received attention with economization and globalization. After Pop art, explained direct and exciting western life style, flew in China, Political Pop Art with Chinese historical life style was created and used the images of political propaganda in the era of Mao Zedong and Cultural Revolution.Political Pop Art allegorically showed Chinese politics and social presence in twenty centuries and became one of new modern art trend. Although it started in China, it activated after entry of international art world. The Chinese art critics and western exhibition managers appreciated western art world and then introduced Political Pop Art to the world art market.It made very big waves. After entry of Political Pop Art in world art market, Chinese modern art with high economical growth attracted attention of world citizen and it continuously grew. Of course, Korean deeply interested in China, Korea official arts researched Chinese modern art. Until now, the research of Chinese modern art in Korea is mainly view point of western art world. This research changes western view point to Chinese view point. It is worth to study how western Pop Art changes Chinese Pop Art.

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