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논문 상세정보

스마트폰 소셜네트워크서비스(SNS)의 사용성 개선 방안 연구 - 페이스북과 카카오스토리를 중심으로

A Study on the Improvement Plan for Usability of Social Networking Services by Smartphone - Focusing on Facebook and KakaoStory -

커뮤니케이션디자인학연구 v.40 , 2012년, pp.103 - 116  

With the appearance of Smartphones, cell phones play various roles of a combined device with functionalities, more than simply making a call or sending a text message. Among them, due to their advantages such as portability, private possession and wireless connection to the Internet, personalized social networking services (SNSs), have been rapidly spread. However, in comparison with the spread speed, there are frequent occasions where new users tend to be reluctant to use them, in view of different user interfaces (UIs) according to SNS applications, in addition to their complicatedness and unfamiliarity.Accordingly, to solve the above problems, this study aimed to make an improvement suggestion for user interfaces, based on the usability test, with reference to selected cases of Facebook and KakaoStory with the increasing number of users under the influence of KakaoTalk, which are most widely used as social networking services. The results of the study were derived as follows. First, grouping by common categories is required, as well as simplification of complicated structures and consistency of UI designs.Second, for enhanced awareness of icons, more specific graphics processing or icons concurrent with texts must be provided. Third, UI environments and interactions that can overcome difficulties in correction and deletion must be considered.

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