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논문 상세정보

상담 분야의 질적연구 동향분석(2002년~2011년

Trend Analysis of Qualitative Research on Counseling Area(2002-2011)

한국심리학회지: 상담 및 심리치료 v.24 no.3 , 2012년, pp.729 - 752  
김봉환, 배주연, 오효정, 윤영선, 제갈원

This study examined a total of 173 papers published in ‘Korean Journal of Counseling and Psychotherapy’, ‘the Korean journal of counseling’, master’s/doctoral dissertations, and ‘Journal of Counseling Psychology’ over a 10-year period(2002-2011) to analyze the trends of the qualitative researches from those papers and to review research procedures. Results showed that research topic, subject, and methodology which were the most frequently employed by majority of papers were personality /adjustment(16.8%) for topic, adults(29.6%) as research subject, and CQR(28.3%) for methodology. In particular, JCP showed high concentration on multi-culture(25.5%) for topic, adults(31.9%) as research subject but all seven research methodologies were evenly used. Evaluation of qualitative research procedures including research focus, setting, a researcher role, and reporting findings revealed that the majority of studies and the papers at JCP shared similar results. Based on the results thus far, this study suggests academic recommendations and follow-up studies regarding qualitative research for counseling.

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