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논문 상세정보

공사구간 형광주황색 교통안전표지 적용에 따른 주목성 효과 연구

A Conspicuity Effect Study of Fluorescent Orange Color Traffic Sings for Work Zone Application

대한토목학회 논문집D v.32 no.5 , 2012년, pp.437 - 444  
고상근, 최기주, 이상수, 윤일수

This study intended to improve traffic safety in work zones using fluorescent orange color traffic signs. For this end, the current problems of existing traffic signs and facilities in work zones were analyzed and some good examples of foreign countries were compared. More specifically, in order to identify current problems, the basic shape and color of traffic signs in use were examined through literature review, surveys and field studies. It was found that the fluorescent color worked more effectively than other colors in terms of visibility and conspicuity in work zone sign system. For evaluation, both Conspicuity surveys and in-door simulator experiments were conducted to effectively assess the merits and demerits of different types of traffic signs for work zones. The results of evaluations showed that black lettering on a fluorescent orange background outperformed more than 70% in terms of visibility and ability to call drivers' attention compared with those from black/red lettering on yellow/white backgrounds currently used at work zones on expressways and national highways. In addition, simulated driving experiment disclosed that drivers recognized the fluorescent orange background sign 15m ahead compared with the yellow background sign and 25m ahead compared with the white background sign, respectively. As for the diamond-shaped “Under Construction”sign, drivers recognized fluorescent orange background 11m ahead compared with the yellow background sign and 19m ahead compared with the white background sign, respectively.

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