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논문 상세정보

대학생이 인식한 도덕역량의 개념과 수준

College Students' Perceptions of Moral Competence: Identifying Moral Competence

인간발달연구 v.19 no.3 , 2012년, pp.107 - 128  
이지혜, 문용린

The purpose of this study is to identify college students' perceptions regarding the question of ‘moral competence’. A free-listing survey was conducted with 150 subjects to elucidate their perceptions of moral competence, and the collected qualitative data were analyzed using the ‘Concept Mapping’ methodology. As a result, 8 categories and 80 competencies were identified. It has been widely thought that the domain of ‘Moral-communion’ was the key competency domain required for moral behavior. However, it was found that ‘General-personal’ domain competencies were also perceived as equally important as ‘Moral-communion’ domain competencies. The domain of ‘Moral-communion’ included items such as ‘Altruistic citizenship(charity and donation, humanity, caring, etc.)’, ‘Social responsibility and trust(moral self-assurance, consistency, responsible, etc.)’, ‘Pursuing Universal values and general good(conscientious, keeping universal standard)’ and ‘Principled and sense of justice(courage, strong belief of acting, indissolubleness)’. The ‘General-personal’ domain included items such as ‘Pursuing social relationship(sociability, emotional sensitivity, sensitive for other's needs, etc.)’, ‘Self regulation and maturity(self-reflection and introspection, perceptive, positive mind-set, etc.)’, and ‘Achievement and self development(active and spontaneous, love of learning, specific goals and vision, etc.)’. Lastly, the category of ‘Fulfillment and the will to act(curiosity, strong will, power of execution, etc.)’ revealed a concomitant feature of both domains. The results of the importance level test indicated that college students perceived the category of ‘Pursuing Universal values and general good’ as the most important in terms of moral competence. Office workers'(M=5.21) perceptions of the importance level regarding 80 moral competences were significantly higher(t=-5.21, p<.001) than college students'(M=5.07). However there were no significant differences between office workers and college students' perceptions of the performance level(M=4.71).

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