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논문 상세정보

松菴 金沔과 고령 지역의 의병활동

The patriotic soldier troop activity of Song Am Kim Myeon and in Goryeong Region

한국사상과 문화 no.64 , 2012년, pp.235 - 274  

When the Imjin War broke out, the activity of patriotic soldier troops was very active in the East Kyoung-sang district and even Kim Myeon from Goryeong played an important role.Kim Myeon's family grew from the latter term of Goryeo Dynasty to build a powerful social, economic and scholastic basis. He learned from Jo Sik and was appointed to various official positions but didn't go into government service and when the Imjin War broke out, he originated a patriotic soldier troop to protect the region of Goryeong and played an active part in the patriotic soldier troop in the midway position due to the influence of not only Jo Sik but also Yi Hwang. Furthermore, he accepted the common people or the government army as the patriotic soldier troop. Consequently, the local noble family, locals and the government army formed the patriotic soldier troop in joint.Lots of the initial patriotic soldier troop organization of Kim Myeon were from the same family or his acquaintances and mostly, it was composed of people in the neighborhood. As for the members of the patriotic soldier troop organization in the latter term, the residents, officials and other chiefs of patriotic soldier troops from not only the East Kyoung-sang district but also the West Kyoung-sang district participated.At first, the battles in which Kim Myeon was active in were mostly small around the Nakdonggang and as it expanded its influence to be active in the full-scale patriotic soldier troop activity. He gradually expanded its influence to the north and he could form a joint front with the patriotic solders from the Honam district with the help of the government office.When the war became relaxed, Kim Myeon played a role as a coordinator in various situations. After his good coordination of confrontation between provincial governor, Kim Su and the head of a patriotic soldier troop, he was supported by the government army from the provincial governor. Soldiers from various regions were supported by Choyusa, Kim Sung-Il so that he could increase the military strength of the patriotic soldier troop. Even though he often confronted with Jeong In-Hong in various ways, when the patriotic soldier troop was reorganized, Kim Myeon finally got to command Jeong In-Hong.Like this, Kim Myeon had a regional background of Goryeong and was a pupil of Jo Sik but maintained acquaintanceship with the pupils of Yi Hwang to be influenced by ideological background, social and economic basis as a local noble family and originated the patriotic soldier troop due to insufficient reactions of the government and the government army. He could get positive support of the people through the activity of the patriotic soldier troop and thanks to his moderate ideological attitude, the government recognized him so that he could become a chief commander of the patriotic soldier troop and the government army recognized not only by the patriotic soldier troop but also by the government army.

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