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논문 상세정보

전통회화를 활용한 문화상품의 현황과 발전 방안 연구-민화의 스토리텔링과 캐릭터 개발 적용을 중심으로

A Study on the Present Status and Development Plan of Cultural Products Using Traditional Paintings -Focused on the Storytelling and Appling Character Development of the Folk Painting-

한국디자인문화학회지 v.18 no.3 , 2012년, pp.33 - 46  

This study aims at selecting ‘folk paintings’ among our traditional paintings whose images have been adopted in many industrial fields these days, as a motive representing the formative beauty of Korean tradition, as well as developing it as a brand.Accordingly, the study method is as follows;first, the traditional significance, which our folk paintings have, is examined through research on literature;the concepts of today’s cultural products are considered;then, the status on re-interpretations of folk paintings into modern industrial designs is analyzed through a survey with samples for items sold online or offline by the related organizations (National Museum of Korea and National Museum of Contemporary Art)and its subsequent development directions are suggested with examples of Maneki Neko in Japan.Although this study is intended to clarify the value of folk paintings as cultural products and increase their development directions, it ultimately seeks for directions to settle down folk paintings as one of the images representing Korea.Through this study, the findings result in; first,it is necessary to understand the formative beauty in the context of traditional culture if any cultural product is developed with folk paintings as materials;second, it is necessary to re-consider in-depth developments through the selection and concentrationon industrial directions if any cultural product using folk paintings as a motive is internationalized; third,it is also necessary to develop and disseminate motives unique to Korea through folk paintings in terms of policy to develop them as a brand. In addition, it is necessary to discuss that the development of products with highly added value which reflect the quality of our traditional culture increases the brand of our country in the end, considering the reality that the concept of cultural products has been recognized as the tourism and cultural product to some extent.

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