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논문 상세정보

영·유아용 유기농 차 ‘베이비 루이보스티(Rooibos Tea)’ 패키지에 관한 조형적 표현 연구

A Study of Formative Expression about ‘Baby Rooibos Tea’ Package Design Organic Tea for Infant

한국디자인포럼 no.37 , 2012년, pp.337 - 346   http://dx.doi.org/10.21326/ksdt.2012..37.029

Crops for organic farming instead of considering the impact of pesticides on the human body, no pesticides there has been increased interest, "Ecologically grown" natural and safe pesticide contamination uneasy consumers prefer organic food, even if the value is more expensive, consumers prefer. Childcare articles, even eco-friendly, organic Wind has grown stronger. Diversify into the design and colors, or to take advantage of the new eco-friendly textile products, the products are gaining popularity. Products that echo like (IEcomom) as part of the project has been expanded into a variety of items is growing.Infants and toddlers of the package design sum of products, the package design for the seven elements of the package design, naming, brand logo, colors, character, typography, layout, illustration and structure, and being positioned as a comprehensive analysis.Also look at the package design, the positioning of the element of infants and toddlers, and BI concepts of brand image, products or products of cognitive sex revealed has been. Infants and toddlers Rooibos and package design can not not apply to 'Ever Cool' official. Therefore, we should follow a child's psychological needs and fashion.Sensibility desire a little more distinctive design strategy forward filling infants and toddlers organic products of a package of practical and psychological utility value should be formed. It's infants and toddlers in the package design is interesting, fun, inspiring children 'tea’ is necessary to ongoing research and development on products that can attract children.

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