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논문 상세정보

공공건설임대주택의 분양전환제도에 관한 연구 - 임대주택법령의 변천과정을 중심으로

An Analysis on the Selling Scheme of the Public Renatal Housing - Focusing on the Changing Process of the Renatal Housing Law -

토지공법연구 v.59 , 2012년, pp.27 - 60  
이순배, 김재광

According to the study on legal history of Rental Housing Act relevant to lotting-transfer system over public rental house, the frame provisions of construction costs and lotting-transfer price have not been amended since that had enacted. Though the Rental Housing Act has amended in many forms several times, a key part of lotting-transfer system, sharply conflicting interests both the tenant and the landlord, that is ‘Annex 1’ Rental Housing Act enforcement rules, has not revised to meet the request of times. From this perspective, the revision of the Rental Housing Act means the task of replacing its cover.Housing rental businessman to lease public rental house has been under the obligation to report the terms of lease(a term of lease, security deposit, rent, estimated base for time and cost of lotting-transfer) within 10 days prior to the lease opening.Not having applicable rules specifically on the day of moving-in, which could calculate housing price by estimated construction cost after building houses actually, economic burden of tenants cannot help increasing as they usually calculate rental price and lotting-transfer price on the basis of housing price assessed at the time of first tenants notice - standard construction cost. In spite of tenant's win against case of restitution of unjust enrichment at the court, relevant provisions on it has not been revised at all. And lotting-transfer price of rental house publicly constructed on the lease obligation period of 10 years does not have not only an upper limit to the conversion price of the sale but also calculated standard. Calculated standard of lotting-transfer price should be prepared until the beginning of 2019, which shall begin to converse the rental house for sale. Otherwise, conflicts of interest between a tenant and a landlord has been expected already, and it is obvious to cause enormous social costs.Calculated standard of lotting-transfer price under ‘Annex I’ of Rental Housing Act enforcement rules is too fragile to adjust and manage interest conflicts between a tenant and a landlord too old. There is no regulation to ensure investment profits for lease businessmen in the Rental Housing Act clearly. Standards ensuring profits for lease businessmen and being related to tenants' burden, that is to say calculated housing price appling to moving-in price and lotting-transfer price doing to conversion for sale, is necessary to be amended and improved not to abuse in great detail. The frame of lotting-transfer system established 15 years ago has limits reflecting a new request at the time. The system of lotting-transfer should be changed to meet the national policy including great purpose solving the problem of polarizing income. And the financial support of the low interest rates or National Housing Fund should be required to use practically, as many as homeless tenants can buy lotting-transfer house.

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