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논문 상세정보

연암 박지원의 장소의 발견

The Location Discovery by Yeon Am, Park, Ji Won

한국언어문화 no.49 , 2012년, pp.5 - 32  

This thesis is to research for the meaning of space and location in classical literature, in terms of the theory of space and location in anthropogeography. Especially, it reveals, through Yeon Am, Park, Ji Won’s location experience, how space is to be localized by one man’s experience and what really means the location experience. Yeon Am looked at China with a point of view of an watcher. On the basis of it, this study focuses on three main spaces of representing his location experience, among spaces of diplomatic journey. The first space is Hwang Keum Dae. Hwang Keum Dae was a historical and ritual space of adoration by the nobles of Chosun Dynasty. However, for Yeon Am, it was just a location of criticizing the old dogmatism of Confucians of Chosun. He claimed and criticized the emptiness of Confucians that Hwang Keum Dae was just a ruined soil dummy, and the gold (Hwang Keum) sought by the nobles of Chosun was a symbol of revenge. The second is Liulichang of Peking. It was a space like market full of materialism and desire. Liulichang was considered as a Persian market for the travelers of Chosun. They were emotionally fascinated by the superficial aspects of Liulichang and intentionally turned away from it. However, Yeon Am felt lonely in the middle of Liulichang. His lonliness is a urban sensibility, a solitude among thong, an anonymity. The third is Ko Buk Ku, an unprecedented space. Ko Buk Ku was a place of revealing Yeon Am’s affection to the location. Ko Buk Ku, a physical space, became a personal location for Yeon Am, by making the marks on the wall of the castle. Only by Yeon Am, Ko Buk Ku became known to the people of Chosun, a meaningful ‘location’ from the simple physical space. On the basis of this, this study reveals the meaning of location experience of Yeon Am. By his case, this study considers location experience in literature and the real meaning of location experience. Yeon Am’s spatial imagination and location experience is a kind of ‘rhizome’, freely spreading out unto each space of experience.

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