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논문 상세정보

디지털증거 압수수색에 관한 연구

A Study on search and seizure of digital evidence

법과정책 v.19 no.1 , 2013년, pp.187 - 214   http://dx.doi.org/10.36727/jjlpr.19.1.201302.008
박봉진, 김상균

Cybercrime is one of the terms used to denote the use of computer technology to engage in unlawful activity. Computer crime, high-tech crime and information-age crime. Most of the cybercrime we have seen so far is nothing more than the migration of real-world crimes into cyberspace The other significant portion of cybercrime consists of specially defined cyber-offences-hacking, cracking and virus dissenmination-that are online version of real-world crimes. And Cybercrime are different to more conventinal crimes because of their mediation by computer technology. The mark of a true cybercrime is that it disappear once networked technology is removed characteristice of Informational. We are living in the digital age. Lots of people in the world are using the Internet and so we are spending our lifetime in the Cyberspace through the Internet. Digital evidence is difficult to treat, because digital information is easy to forge, alter, delete and modify. So several digital evidence collection tools and forensic tools are developed. However there are many problem of composition which is whole due process from evidence collection to submitting to the court because existing digital evidence collection process and tools have a vulnerability of guaranteeing integrity. Digital evidence of electronic evidence is probative information stored of transmitted in digital form. A party to a court case may use it at trial. Before accepting digital evidence, a court will determine if the evidence is relevant, whether it is authentic, if it is hearsay-evidence, and whether a copy is acceptable or the original is required. Digital evidence tends to be easily eliminated modified and duplicated. Digital evidence is often attacked for its authenticity due to the ease with which it can be eliminated of modified. Digital evidence is often ruled inadmissble by court because it was obtained without authorization. The intangible information cannot be viewed in the eyes nor defined in any forms. Evidence may not remain at place where a criminal activity has occurred. It is therefore necessary to have the special knowledge and skills for efficient investigation. In 2011, however, Korea Criminal Procedure was amended to include the duty to produce digital evidence. Nonetheless, the law enforcement demand to amend additionally the law to expand the scope of the duty to assist digital search warrant execution resulting in including duty to preserve digital evidence and duty to assist warrant execution. Some scholars and Judges have expressed different opinion over the additional revision.

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