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논문 상세정보

The Phenomenological Analysis of Watching Act

The Phenomenological Analysis of Watching Act

현상학과 현대철학 v., 0 no.56 , 2013년, pp.1 - 28  

The purpose of this paper is to explicate how film viewers process the moving images of a film in their minds or consciousness. Image can be phenomenologically divided into two kinds, material image and imaginable image. In case of watching act, the scenes of a film are shown in material image and appear as the represented image. If the viewers simply focus on the explicit objects on the screen, they might have many difficulties in grasping film content. The act of watching a film involves basically two kinds of acts: one is a visual act to fix our gaze on the screen with the shapes in color and light and the other is an acoustic act to listen to the sound for film like noise, music or speech. It does not mean that we perceive two film-worlds on the screen at the same time. To watch a film means to imagine and to form a picture in the mind. Operating under the notion that the act of watching a film involves both mental process and cinematic functions, I will analyze several important elements that are involved in the act of watching a film: image, imagination, image consciousness, sign consciousness, representation and fantasy.

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