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논문 상세정보

‘광역권’에서 ‘주체의 혁명’으로: 근대초극, 미완의 법기획, 그리고 한반도

From Grossraum to ‘the revolution of Chuche’ : Of a Japanese avant-garde jurist Kaoru Yasui

동방학지 no.161 , 2013년, pp.119 - 155  

The main theme of this article is a kind of reconsideration about a contiuity of Japanese intellectual scene between wartime and post-war period, focusing on a jurist, Kaoru Yasui, who was a professor of international law at Tokyo Imperial University in wartime Japan. His academic and intellectual trajectory is quite interesting one that he had always tried to be an avant-garde in the field of international law. While, in the erarly days of his career as a jurist, he positively affirmed the legacy of Neo-Kantian universalism, in wartime he introduced the Soviet international law and the Nazis Grossraum theory as an alternative ideal opposed to Neo-Kantian universalism. After WWII he was gotten rid of from his position at the university, he made effort to criticize and raise objection to the new international political order based on the presence of nuclear weapons which belonged to the super powers like US and Soviet Union. And he also tried to support the Asian countries’ movement toward national liberation. These efforts are all his trial to be avant-garde in the field of international law and politics. ‘Chuche Sasang’ invented in the North Korea was the last revolutionary ideal for him to sustain his basical political position as an avant-garde, because Korean peninsula was the place where the global political contradiction was condensed intensively and ‘Chuche Sasang,’ stemmed from this situation of the peninsula, was the most progressive thoughts in the world.

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