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논문 상세정보

조선후기 慶州 金門의 형성과 성장 - 김홍욱 가문을 중심으로

Formation and Growth of Kim Family of Gyeongju in the Late Joseon Dynasty. - With Special Emphasis on Family of Hongwook Kim -

조선시대사학보 no.64 , 2013년, pp.81 - 132  

In the late Joseon Dynasty, as Sung Confucianism spread all over the society, the social influence of one's family origin was exercised strongly, and the importance of family origin was emphasized. The influential families formed during this period had a great deal of impacts on the political history of the late Joseon Dynasty. This article aimed to concretely clarify the formation and aspects of existence of Seoin Noron Byeokpa in the Hoseo region with the formation and political growth of Kim Family of Gyeongju that did activities in the 17th and 18th centuries as the subject.This article referred the family centering on Hongwook Kim and his descendants which emerged as a distinguished family by advancing into the central political circles in earnest as the Kim Family of Gyeongju. Hongwook Kim claimed the grievance of Crown Princess Kang of Crown Prince Sohyeon during the period of Hyojong, and this act of his as a subject with fidelity raised the standing of his family and became an important factor in the growth of the Kim Family of Gyeongju as the core family in the Seoin Noron Byeokpa.The Kim Family of Gyeongju prepared the basis of their residing around Han Bridge in Seosan, Chungcheong-do in the early 16th century. They arranged the foundation for their social and economic development by entering Seosan, and could form companionship with prominent Confucianists in the Hoseo region such as Siyeol Song, Sangha Kwon and so on.The process in which the Kim Family of Gyeongju could grow politically as a distinguished family of the Joseon Dynasty in the late Joseon Dynasty was grasped in the three perspectives of journalistic activities, academic activities and marriage with the Royal Family in this article. In particular, this paper also described the fact that, thanks to the selection of Queen Jeongsoon as second wife during the period of Youngjo, the Kim Family of Gyeongju centering on Hankoo Kim and Kujoo Kim acted as the center of the maternal relatives and the core family of Noron Byeokpa in the 18th century.

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