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논문 상세정보

은보(恩步) 옥한흠 목사의 선교적 교회론과 제자훈련목회

A Study of Rev. Han Hum Oak’s Missional Ecclesiology and Discipleship Training Ministry

성경과 신학 v.65 , 2013년, pp.103 - 152  

Rev. Han Hum Oak(1938-2010) is well known for his discipleship training ministry in SaRang Community Church, excellent preaching, his book, Healthy Christians Make A Healthy Church, and “Call to Awaken the Laity” seminars. Through his studies on theological basis for discipleship training ministry in Korea and United States of America, Oak could form a biblical doctrine of church by which he could perceive clearly the benefit of the church as well as the mission of the church. By maintaining these two natures of the church in balance, Oak could establish a solid theological foundation for his discipleship training ministry. Moreover, he recognized very deeply the mission of the church from the redemptive historical perspective and could form a concept of missional church. Throughout his pastoral ministry, Oak has effectively assured Korean Christian Churches of this fact that all believers, clergy or laity, are given the apostolic mission of the church and called to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of all nations.Oak’s discipleship training ministry has been enhanced by a close theological consideration how the “redemption accomplished” by Jesus Christ could be the “redemption applied” by us. He really recognized that discipleship ministry could be a way to connect between his view of redemption and church. He emphasized strongly if we become believers by believing in Christ, we should follow him faithfully and sincerely. We as believers, are to live to fulfill our holy mission in this world with our justified status before God.Throughout his life, Oak has tried to reform his ministry according to the biblical view of church. In this sense, Oak can be called as a practical Calvinist, a church reformer, and a faithful disciple maker with a solid vision of missional church. He is a sincere disciple of Jesus Christ, and a real pastor to follow the example of his master. That’s why Oak’s view of missional church and discipleship training ministry can be a good pastoral alternative to the Korean Churches in crisis.

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