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논문 상세정보

FOB 契約에서 物品適合性條項의 有效性 問題 -The Mercini Lady 事件을 중심으로

Problems on Validity of the Goods Conformity Clauses in FOB Contracts

무역상무연구 v.58 , 2013년, pp.35 - 58  

In Mash & Murrell, Diplock J said that “there is an implied warranty not merely that they shall be merchantable at the time they are put on the vessel, but that they shall be in such a state that they can endure the normal journey and be in a merchantable condition upon arrival.” But in The Mercini Lady, Field J said that “the goods would be of satisfactory quality not only when the goods were delivered on to the vessel but also for a reasonable time thereafter.” and “The proposed conditions were not excluded by clause 18. … clause 18 was not to be construed as extending to conditions …”. In relation to the problems on validity of the goods conformity clauses in FOB contracts, when considering Lord Wright's comments (“… hence apt and precise words must be used to exclude it:the words guarantee or warranty are not sufficiently clear.”) in Cammell Laird & Co Ltd v Manganese Bronze and Brass, FOB contracts are fundamentally one that seller's duty to deliver the goods is completing at the port of shipment and “principle of party autonomy” in Contract Law,I do not think that the terms implied by section 14 of the SGA and Common Law cannot absolutely excluded by the goods conformity clauses in sale contracts. Therefore, in order to exclude the implied terms, the parties must very clearly spell out this in the relevant clauses.

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