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논문 상세정보

呂洞賓 故事를 통해 본 카타르시스의 효용성 ― ‘상징’으로 體現된 淨化ㆍ訓化ㆍ昇華의 의미를 중심으로

The Validity for Catharsis Viewing from The Old Story of Lu Tung-pin−Centering on the meaning of purification, edification and transcendentalization embodied with the concept of symbol

중국어문논총 no.57 , 2013년, pp.143 - 163   http://dx.doi.org/10.26586/chls.2013..57.007

Lu Tung-pin has been imagified by diverse genres of literature from ancient to modern times, and in most cases, his novels and poetic dramas constituted the story as its major framework. It vividly describes the process of releasing souls from purgatory on his own terms after descending upon the human world, while also articulating the process of becoming a Taoist hermit riding himself of an ordinary person. Especially in his story, a lot of symbolic expressions are utilized to emphasize a bold activities hanging between the human world and immortal world to release more souls from purgatory, and these symbolic expressions contains the taste of catharsis in relation to its literary utility. among them, the symbol of ‘dream’ containing the life of an ordinary man along with its vanity of rank and fame depicts the process of purification pursuing for the real self while forsaking this world after attaining a realization. Further, in the process of selling routine tools like combs and drugs with a shape of merchant after descending from the immortal land, it expresses the meaning of edifying ordinary people who does not grasp the real intention of Lu Tung-pin. Besides, Lu Tung-pin's treasure sword contains the meaning of ‘sublimation’ which recreate a new life while transcending death through the death.The various symbols seen in Lu Tung-pin's immortal trace story add diversity to the set-up of the old story by giving vigor to aesthetic feeling in catharsis of purification, edification and transcendentalization. Meanwhile, the meaning of psychological purgation and healing through symbolic catharsis herein Lu Tung-pin's story can be said to be one of the most important reasons sustaining perpetuity for a long time.

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