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논문 상세정보

SNS 명예훼손의 형사책임

Criminal Liability for Defamation on the SNS

경희법학 v.48 no.2 , 2013년, pp.117 - 148  

Information Technology industry in the development of the use of smart phones share a lot of convenience, but defamation occurred. Defamation of the Social Network Service of recent, it is necessary to determine whether or not to discipline in the same way as Internet defamation. The SNS can be used as a communication tool to form a personal relationship online, and exchanged views on specific issues, to share, but it is vulnerable to illegal activities on the Internet. Special law and criminal law and the Civil Code applies to defamation that occurred in the SNS. However, Internet representation act, in some cases, content and actors represent themselves, but defamation action uses anonymous, pseudonym, a nickname. SNS defamation actions are moral rights are derived from the Constitution. It is freedom of expression representation and internet or accepted basic rights. Article 310 of the criminal law with the provisions of article illegality pieces reasons of Information and act on promotion of information and communications network use and information protection will reflect the content of the information legislation. SNS so that the defamation law analysis and the specificity of Internet defamation should be judged. Criminal law will be applied if there is no purpose of slander, but, for the application of the law on such information protection and information communication network promoting the use is an important content of Internet defamation regulation, it is possible to know the defamation actors with the exception of the case, the correct thing to deny the subject. In addition, parody in relation to configuration requirements, has become a recent issue can not be used to regulate or insult or defamation. It should be a judgment in accordance with the particular case.

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