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논문 상세정보

관련자 의견조사에 기초한 자유학기제 운영 방안 탐색 연구

An Inquiry on the Loose Semester for Career Exploration for Secondary School Students Based on the Survey of Stakeholders

한국교육학연구 v.19 no.2 , 2013년, pp.33 - 68  
홍후조, 임유나, 장소영

Loose semester for career exploration is the first major policy of Park, Geun-hye government for “the propulsion of career education for students' dream and talent”. Loose or slacken semester for career exploration is scheduled to be adopted after 2016 for middle school students, however the concrete measures or operational plan thereof have not been prepared yet. This research sympathizes with the necessity of adopting slacken semester for career exploration, and has diversely investigated・analyzed the opinions of students, parents, teachers and researchers about loose semester for career exploration through a survey. As the result of the survey, there were lots of consenting opinions about adopting loose semester for career exploration on the whole, however the opinions regarding the target for the implementation, timing, and operating body were different each other, therefore the policy plan to apply it to all students at the same time is considered to need deliberation. Also, each group related to the implementation of loose semester for career exploration considered the preparation or condition for the implementation thereof to be very insufficient, and the worry about the lack of basic research, understanding and infrastructure was expressed high. Here, this research suggested alternatives variously in the aspect of the purpose, educational contents, target group, timing, operating body, implementation procedures, and other support points of loose semester for career exploration, comprehensive plan of phased・gradual implementation for loose semester for career exploration to make educational effect on more students, especially, it also suggested that it is very important to provide learning opportunity for career for those students whose hoped career becomes somewhat clear after the experience of loose semester for career exploration in order to keep developing their career.

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