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논문 상세정보

한국 다문화 가정의 정착과 교회의 역할에 관한 연구: 미주 한인사회의 다문화 가정의 조명을 통하여

A Study about the Role of Korean Churches in Ministry with Multicultural Families in Korea, through the Lens of Interracial Marriages between Korean American Women and non-Korean Men

개혁논총 v.26 , 2013년, pp.141 - 175  

Ethnic homogeneity and distinctiveness have been Korea’s source of ‘collective oneness’ and national pride through out the history of 5000 years. Underlying Korea’s ethnic nationalism is pride in racial, or phenotypic and genotypic source of unity and oneness, but force that is exclusive and oppressive with low tolerance for social or cultural diversity. However feeding Korea’s diversity is an increase in multicultural families, consisting of international marriage families, foreign migrant families, international students, or North Korean refugees. Efforts had been made to digest challenge and confusion but it still looks a long journey to go.This article focuses on the role of churches in this circumstance and picks a lens of who married to Americans. They are pathfinders of experienced challenges in a strange land. This study begins with a brief history of Korean immigrants in America to help understanding the background the study. Eight women participated in focus group and ten responded to in-depth interviews. The interviewees has lived in America for 10-50 years and the average year is 30.5. The main questions include: When and why did you immigrate to USA? What are the greatest challenges in adjusting in America? What are your experiences with Korean immigrant communities and Korean American Churches? Do you have any advice for women in multicultural family in Korea? Do you have any advice for those who are working for multicultural family in Korea?The analysis of interviews are categorized into 1) Cultural crash: a society without "jung", 2) Parenting: identity crisis and different style of parenting 3) Double discrimination: rejection from Korean immigrant community, 4) wisdom of assimilation for women of multicultural family in Korea, 5) Ministry with multicultural families : Not sympathy but partnership. Based on the analysis, the author discusses the role of Korean church for the ministry of multicultural family: 1) Pastoral care and programs for multicultural families, 2) Leading a mass-education for congregation and society. 3) Collaboration with government and local agencies, and 4) Ministry with multicultural families.

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