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논문 상세정보

고교축구선수의 포지션별 체력, 무산소성파워 및 축구기능 분석

A Study on the Analysis of Stamina, Anaerobic Power and Performance of Varying Positions among High School Soccer Players

코칭능력개발지 v.15 no.2 , 2013년, pp.132 - 140  
이원재, 이소정, 이정재

This thesis aims to analyze strength of soccer players in varying positions and the correlation between anaerobic power and the performance in order to provide the fundamental base for establishing a proper training program and goals in accordance with each individual's level. The subject of this study consists of 25 high school soccer players(7 FWs, 10 MFs, and 8 DFs).In the analysis of physical fitness of each position, the height of DF is higher than that of FW and MF, MF has a notably high amount of body fat and fat ratio in comparison with those of FW and DF. In the analysis of basal physical fitness, DF performs better than MF in sit-up, and FW outperforms MF and DF in standing high jump. FW is faster than MF and DF in 30m-running and notably excels in side step. In the analysis of anaerobic power of the players, FW scores higher than MF in average power and total work. In the analysis of anaerobic power per weight FW shows higher results than MF in maximal power, average power and total work. When compared in each time zone, FW shows higher anaerobic power than MF in the 10-15 seconds intervals. In the analysis of recovery rate of each position, DF shows higher rate in lactic acid than MF. In the analysis of performance, DF performs better than FW and MF in long kick. FW performs better than others in crossing and shooting. MF outperforms FW and DF in passing.In summary, each position shows distinctive discrepancy in physical fitness, stamina, anaerobic power,and soccer performance. The selection of position and development of training program for each position should be based on these analytical results. Continuous study on the different positions of soccer players should follow in the future and be implemented as an indicator of the player's performance.

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