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논문 상세정보

캐나다 전자소송제도에 관한 비교법적 연구

A Comparative Study on the Electronic Filing System in Canada

법학논총 v.20 no.2 , 2013년, pp.475 - 504  

Since the introduction of the act on the use, etc. of electronic document, etc. in the civil procedure in 2010, the application scope of the act keeps getting wider. And this radical change is likely to cause problems. A review of another countries which had already introduced electronic filing system would lay the foundation for the changes of the our legal system. There are few precedent studies on the electronic filing systems in Canada in Korea. So this article reviews electronic filing systems in Canada. Although electronic filing systems in Canada are not better than the system in Korea, there are several implications for Korea. First, there are several lessons from electronic filing projects of the federal courts and several state courts in Canada. (1)We need to anticipate and respond to changes in the technology more aggressively. (2)We need to make sharing of role between courts and private vendors clear. (3)We need to review on the system integration. (4)We need to take continuous interest in and caring for electronic filing system users. Second, there are several lessons from the legal system concerning the electronic filing system in Canada. (1)We need to reconsider the method of construction of the legal system. (2)We need to treat the evidential electronic documents differently from the general electronic documents. (3)We need to study on the meta data. (4)We need to find ways to solve the problems with the liquidity of electronic documents.

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