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논문 상세정보

중학생 예술동아리 자치활동 수혜자들의 프로그램 만족도 및 인성변화 자각도 분석

Middle School Students' Self Reported Changes in Personality Attributes and Satisfaction on Arts Group Activities

학습자중심교과교육연구 v.13 no.4 , 2013년, pp.397 - 416  
정현주, 정은주, 김경숙

Arts activities in school settings have drawn attention in that various arts experiences have contributed to development of a well-balanced personality. Recently, the government acknowledges the importance of arts experience in school and has provided music education projects in remote areas of low socio-economic status. Arts group activities are a government-supported program that aid to promoting arts education with an emphasis on developmental characteristics of adolescents. A total of 577 middle school students who participated in arts group activities were recruited from 30 randomly selected public schools that offered arts group activities in 2012. Participants responded to the survey consisting of 20 items asking their program satisfaction and perceived changes in their personality attributes. The results showed a high degree of program satisfaction and perceived changes in their personality attributes. More than 90% of participants were "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with the arts group activity and responded that they highly recommend the program to peer students. In terms of the perceived changes in personal attributes, participants showed the most positive changes in self-confidence (95.5%, intra-personal aspect) and awareness of community (98.3%, inter-personal aspect). The arts group activity was also reported to facilitate teacher-student relationship (96%, school adjustment aspect), and to enhance motivation (97.2%, vocational motivation aspects). Overall, the findings indicated that the arts group activities for adolescents fulfil their developmental priorities, such as exploration and expression of inner-self, positive relationship with peers, and initiation of vocational motivation. Current findings provide a firm base for future school-and community-based supports to develop distinguished arts education programs and to spread diverse extracurricular arts group activities in school, fostering well-rounded development of personal traits for adolescents who are in a period of rapid growth and imbalance.

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