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논문 상세정보

외래종 규제를 위한 법적 과제 - 생물다양성 보전 및 이용에 관한 법률을 중심으로

Legal Issues for the Regulation of Alien Species - Focused on Biodiversity Act of 2012 in Korea -

환경법연구 v.35 no.2 , 2013년, pp.95 - 132  

Introduction of alien species has been regarded as a threat to global biological diversity. Increasing global trade and travel amplified introduction of alien species to native ecosystem, some alien species lead to significant impact of native environment or ecosystem. Invasive Alien Species(IAS) intentionally or unintentionally have formed its habitat, which may harm the environment, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Recently, majority of countries across the globe may suffer from severe damages with their ecosystem, economy, and public health due to the invasion of IAS. In order to cope with this threat, the Convention on Biological Diversity(CBD) recommended the integrated management act and prevention scheme for IAS control. The recently promulgated Biodiversity Act (Act on the Conservation and Utilization of Biological Diversity) of 2012, also, regulates the alien species such as ecosystem disturbing species, Potential Risk Species(PRS).This Act, however, is insufficient to prevent the introduction of IAS, and effectively control its establishment and spread in Korea. Lack of definition on ecosystem disturbance causes the limitation of regulating objects of IAS(or ecosystem disturbing species) and uncertainty of risk assessment. Furthermore the results of the review on this Act can be summarized as follows: it bears the problem that it fails to consider timely, ecological, and geographical limitation of alien species and it has no period of ecological risk analysis to potential risk species The purpose of this study is to tighten regulations on alien species. Thus I suggested the key improvements of this Act, as follows: a) designing Potential Risk Species, b) regulating PRS before the risk assessment or risk analysis in accordance with precautionary principle, c) establishing the specific criteria and methods for the management of alien species, d) adopting the polluter pays principle.

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