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논문 상세정보

농업과 환경의 法關係에 관한 一考 - 기후변화에 적응하는 농업법 발전을 위한 제언

A Study on the Legal Relation between Agriculture and Environment - Proposal for the Development of Agricultural Law adapting to Climate Change -

환경법연구 v.35 no.2 , 2013년, pp.329 - 356  

It is undeniable that agriculture is the most important industry for survival of human being. Agricultural activities are made based on environment. Thus, the relation between agriculture and environment is inseparable. Natural environment and living environment as the objects of regulation in the framework act of environmental policy include soil, species, air, water and sunshine. Global warming (climate change) has brought a great deal of changes on air, sunshine, water, soil and seeds. Such changes of agricultural environment also affect our food life safety, environmental preservation and leisure activities.This study examined the relation between agriculture and environment with special reference to agriculture related acts and then proposed the improvement plan of the agricultural law adapting to climate change. It is a matter of course that the agricultural law, which improves agricultural productivity, protects agricultural environment and regulates factors affecting environment positively and negatively, also needs to be modified to adapt to climate change.The change to a subtropical climate of the Korean peninsula due to global warming causes inevitable changes to agriculture. Agriculture related acts such as the Seed Industry Act, the Act for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, the Act on Preservation, Management and Use of Agricultural, Marine and Life Resources, the Framework Act of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Policies and Food Industry, Act on the Management and Support of Eco-Friendly Agriculture and Fisheries Promotion and Organic Foods and the Fertilizer Control Act must be modified to adapt to climate change. The current Framework Act of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Policies and Food Industry is the only law that has a regulation on the obligation of policy establishment to prevent global warming by central and local government. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce obligations of active climate change prevention together with international cooperation to other Agricultural Acts.The legislative adaptation of the Agricultural Act against global warming must be based on the agricultural science, and also must collect opinions after extensive discussion between farmers, agricultural companies and policy decision public officers. If so, it will enable to modify the Agricultural Act for the development of eco-friendly agriculture without adverse effects on environment. The improvement of the Agricultural Act could be made possible through the sufficient recognition of the essential features of agriculture in order to secure food and life safety, environmental preservation and leisure activities.

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