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논문 상세정보

방언에 대한 심리학적 이해: 조사연구방법을 사용하여

Understanding of Glossolalia in Psychological Perspective Based on Survey Research

기독교교육정보 no.38 , 2013년, pp.67 - 93  

The phenomenon of speaking in tongues, glossolalia, is the most controversial and confusing aspects of the Christian circles. After the rise of Charismatic Movement, research on glossolalia flourished in America. Experts in the field of social science have studied the phenomenon of glossolalia since 1960 in the Western world. However, in Korea research on glossolalia in social science perspective is scarce. This research used survey methodology based on the literature review. The survey questionnaires consist of 26 questions including, 4 areas of glossolalia demographic information, setting and glossolalia, purpose and benefit of glossolalia, and characteristic of glossolalia. 130 men and 260 women who can speak glossolalia participated in this research. The effects of speaking in tongues are to release of burden, give joy, or bring down, strongholds within people's lives. Glossolalia helps the speaker focus on prayer and communicate when words feel limited. It also enables the speaker to build a relationship with God. What emotions are observed during glossolalia is spirit-filled and peacefulness. Half of glossolalians have another spiritual gift.

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