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논문 상세정보

이탈리아 헌법에서의 노동기본권

The Fundamental Rights of Labor in Italy

공법연구 v.42 no.1 , 2013년, pp.217 - 239  

The purpose of this study is to introduce Italian Constitutional Law. Specially it presents basic labor rights stated in the Constitution which has ever been discussed in Korea yet. The Constitutional Law in Italia states Italia as "republic country based on labor" in the Article 1. In Article 4(Rights to labor) and Articles 35 to 47 in Chapter 3 of Part 1 stipulates contents about labor. Section 1 of the Article 35 mentions it protects all kinds of labor and Section 2 is about vocational training. Article 36 states decision criteria of wages in Section 1, the maximum working hour per day in Section 2, rights to have a weekly holiday and annual paid holidays in Section 3. Article 37 states equal pay for equal work on women and minors. Article 38 is about general social security on workers. The right to organize and the right to strike are in Article 39 and Article 40 of the Constitutional Law respectively. Article 39 Section 1 in particular guarantees the right to organize and Article 40 protects the right to strike.

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