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논문 상세정보

지속가능한 개발 원칙-북극의 지속가능한 개발을 중심으로

Principle of Sustainable Development -Focusing on sustainable development for the Arctic-

국제법평론 no.38 , 2013년, pp.63 - 88  

"Sustainable development" is a basic principle of international environmental law. This principle has known as concept composed of intergenerational equity, sustainable use of natural resources, equitable use of natural resources, and Integration of environment and development in general.Between Sustainable development of international environmental law and sustainable development for the Arctic, the aims to establish environmental sustainability are same, but differences exist in many ways. The Arctic region is comprised of territory or jurisdictional sea area of the Arctic countries and the high sea. However, as the seas including pure international waters are still covered in ice, currently, the Artic land and ocean are the Arctic countries' territory under the jurisdiction of the geographical domain. It is only possible for other countries obtaining permission through cooperation with them to participate in the development of the Arctic. In fact, this situation raises concern that principal judgments of the environmental sustainability are focused on the only Arctic country. Sustainable development has demanded that human, especially future generation, survival will be unthreatened by economic development activity. On the other hand, sustainable development for the Arctic region has demanded that all benefits of the environmental sustainability and economic development will accord with the needs of indigenous people and states of the Arctic.I consider that the reason to derive this dual concept causes closed and exclusive system of the Arctic governance. The cycle of climate change and the thawing of the Arctic is threatening to the survival of not only the indigenous people but also the entire human race. The Arctic environment and development should be discussed with the entire human race and should be determined. The Arctic ocean, climate change, and environmental protection and development of the earth are worldwide common interests and task for survival of human beings. An open approach with cooperation will allow a realization of sustainable development possible towards the Arctic.

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