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논문 상세정보

스마트 교육 환경의 협력적 매체 제작 및 글쓰기수업에 대한 사례 연구

A Case Study on a Collaborative Media Production and Writing Class in a “SMART Education”Environment

한국초등국어교육 no.53 , 2013년, pp.301 - 335  

The aim of this article is to discuss what might be the strengths or positive effects of the use of digital materials and tools in Korean literacy education and what might be the conditions of successful teaching and learning in a digital environment. The research was undertaken in collaboration with a “SMART Education” experimental school where the teachers and students were using Apple iPads (one each). Fifth-grade students participated in a series of six lessons where two teams of five students each (10 in total) worked collaboratively to produce a newspaper, making decisions on a general theme and the topics of individual articles and then writing an article (one each) and commenting on each other’s writing. Google Docs was used for the collaborative writing and online communication among students as well as between them and their teacher. The results of the research are as follows. First, in terms of mediation effects,the use of digital tools for collaborative writing and online communication seems to have had positive impact, stimulating active and meaningful interactions between teacher and students as well as among students, in particular by offering students valuable opportunities to observe each other’s writings. Second,it seems that the use of digital tools is not enough in itself. In addition, in working on their final drafts, students seem to have the need for samples of other students’ draft writings and the comments that were provided for them. Voluntary sharing of students’ own writing products needs to be encouraged and the appropriate digital tools and online space provided within the Smart Education system, particularly in terms of the design of a future digital textbook. Overall, the case study shows that collaborative writing and online communication tools can contribute to making individual students’ learning more visible to the teacher and other students by enabling them to share and retain their works. Therefore, Smart Education needs to adopt teaching and learning models that make it easier for teachers to provide feedback on students’ individual and collaborative work.

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