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논문 상세정보

결혼이주여성 스토리텔링 양상과‘이주 어머니’형상화 방안 모색— 2000년대 다문화 소재 서사를 중심으로

The Reconstruction of Migrant Women in Modern Novels and ‘Migrant Mother’shaping Develop plans-Focusing on 2000’s Narrative of Multicultural

한국문예창작 v.12 no.3 , 2013년, pp.219 - 243  

This essay looks into the positionality of migrant women, particularythat of ‘migrant mothers’, within the process of recent transition intomulticultural society in korean context. The task of the essay is toanalyse the discourse of multiculture represented 2000s korean imagenarrative. The focus of this study is the communicative ethic aboutmigrant women and migrant mother. The analysis showed two aspect of the discourse of multiculture on2000s korean novel. The women who migrate to get married are visuallystared at by men from the start of the match-making process and areasked as the wife and daughter-in-law to abide by the patriarchal familysystem and asked to provide the body obediently. They are objectified forbody and sexuality. It was the author’s primary concern to learn theperceived images of migrant workers by Korean novel as well asideological effects arising from such images. The reason, which caused theauthor to pay extra attention to this subject, is because the perceivedimages of migrant workers created through representation of Korean literature are not only prejudiced or biased but also recognized by generalpublic as if they were true. The task of the essay is to analyse the discourse of multiculturerepresented some movie. The authenticity which appeal to human thingis represented as comminicative ethic. It leadl to discover the humanthing which could understand the otherness and communicate with openmind. The empathy and understanding of the pain revealed in the narrativesof such invoke the sentimental understanding of diverse cultures andawareness as citizens from the readers.

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