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논문 상세정보

저항과 전략적 융화—제임스 웰치의『피의 겨울』과제럴드 비즈너의『첸서스』를 중심으로

Resistance and Strategic Reconciliation: Focused on James Welch’sWinter in the Blood, & Gerald Vizenor’s Chancers

영어영문학 v.59 no.5 , 2013년, pp.785 - 809   http://dx.doi.org/10.15794/jell.2013.59.5.006

James Welch and Gerald Vizener reveal and reevaluate the history ofexploitation to recover Native American voices and ways of life which havebeen silenced and marginalized in history. Their starting point of writing isthe resistance to “the ruins” of white’s civilization. But they are obsessed byfear of racial annihilation simultaneously. So a resistance is not an end tothem. As an extreme measure, they choose strategic reconciliation betweenNative American culture and white’s dominant culture to survive in themodern American society. James Welch’s Winter in the Blood, & Gerald Vizenor’s Chancers employtrickster discourses as “agonistic imagination,” “aggressive liberation,”and “apsychical cure.” Their trickster discourse reconstructs and re-imagines the“real” causing the liberation of signifier “Indian” from the absolute fake ofthe white and American’s culture. Welch and Vizenor don’t think of traditionalism and assimilationism asthe only way Native American can survive. That is, they should find ways toadapt and alter their tribal cultures and values to fit modern situations, whileadopting a native paradigm. They assert that the tribal cultures and valuesmay be altered and progressed by cultural exchanges, and the hybridizationof different cultures.

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