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논문 상세정보

모듈러형 자세유지기구 시트의 전방 높이에 따른 뇌성마비인의 착석 압력 연구

The Study on Sitting Pressure of Modular Seating System about Seat Wedge Height Applied to Cerebral Palsy

지체.중복.건강장애연구 v.57 no.1 , 2014년, pp.95 - 114   http://dx.doi.org/10.20971/kcpmd.2014.57.1.95
이진현, 이근민

The objective of this study was to provide basic data that could be helpful in selecting seat of modular seating system by examining how the seat wedge height of Polyurethane foam affected the seating pressure. In order to achieve the objective of this study, 4 seats were produced with height of 0, 3, 6, and 9cm. In order to measure the sitting pressure distribution depending on the characteristics of the produced seats, 7 subjects with cerebral palsy participated in the experiment. XSENSOR was used as a measurement device, and wheelchair simulation. This study measured the sitting pressure of each seat for 5 minutes, calculated and analyzed the obtained data, Average Pressure(AP), Peak Pressure(PP), Contact Area(CA) and Body Pressure Ratio(BPR). This experiment showed the following results. First, there were significant differences in all the AP and CA on the height of the 9cm seat wedge, the pressure was low(p < .05). Second, the result of the BPR analysis was significant depending on the seat height(p< .05). The left ischial tuberosity area located in the BP2 had the highest pressure as a whole. Based on the above results, it showed the seat wedge hight had an impact on the pressure change when sitting down. This study also showed that seat height should be preferentially considered when selecting sitting seat. If polyurethane foam was used in recommending a sitting seat, it would be desirable to recommend 9cm for the proper height for modular seat.

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