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논문 상세정보

‘위장취업’과 업무방해죄의 성부 판단

The disguised employment and interference with business

한양법학 v.25 no.1 , 2014년, pp.317 - 335  

Interference with business regulations governing disguised employment has been vague and abstract, there is the risk of expanding. In order to determine the punishment of disguised employment, we have to newly define and type it. That is the meaning of whether punishment should be examined separately in accordance with passive and active means of disguised employment. The leading case in the past 91 Do 2221 is an artifact which is the expense of workers' legitimate rights in the times of all-round economic development. So the decision is a matter of national policy intended to resolve judicially implied that was enough to get suspicious. But now the workers' right to be protected by constitutional law is undisputed. Thus, disguised employment was punished inteference with business uniformly, schematic logic of the times of conflict between employers and workers should be avoided. Disguised employment is essentially the matter of the interpretation of the employment contract. But the disguised employment is also worth protecting criminally . In this case, the expansion of inteference with business risk has to be prevented by the strict interpretation of the concept fraudulent means and substantial infringement of protectable interests, it is reasonable to judge through. Supplemental characteristics of criminal law and nature of criminal law as a last resort is not only guaranteed because of the concept of business. Employment in the labor market and the future of job mismatch will be more severe. Now about the inteference with business the Supreme Court of the paradigm shift is needed.

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