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논문 상세정보

정보게시판(현수막게시대)개선을 위한 기초자료 조사연구

Basic Data Investigation for the Improvement of Information Notice Boards(Banner Posts)

기초조형학연구 v.15 no.1 , 2014년, pp.641 - 656  

Surveys have been conducted from September to October of 2012 for the purpose of basic data investigation concerning the improvement of the information bulletin [Banner Post]. 218 current qualified professional organizations in the field registered in the Korea Outdoor Advertising Association and 695 amateur organizations comprised of organizations with experience in signboard improvement project or demonstration projects in 15 locations nationwide have been selected as valid samples for research analysis. The investigation was conducted via ARS telephone survey method in accordance with the structured questionnaires, which has been established through an in-depth interview survey of the professional organizations. The collected data has been analyzed through SPSS WIN 12.(OK, which is the social science computational statistics program. The frequency analysis was conducted to examine the general features and basic statistical data of the sample groups, while the cross analysis and comparative analysis for each required items were conducted to examine the differences in trend between the professional and amateur organizations. Results revealed improvements necessary for the planar structured information bulletin board [banner post] of Korea, which obstructs the streetscapes. The banner posts must be immediately improved as facilities which do not hinder the landscape of the city through multilateral follow-up studies by various fields.

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