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논문 상세정보

디자인 사례를 통해 본 서비스디자인의 핵심 - UX, 시각, 공공디자인을 중심으로

Core of Service Design through Case Study - With UX, Visual, Public design as the center -

한국과학예술융합학회 v.15 , 2014년, pp.261 - 271  

Nowadays, as the center ship of industry hasbeen toward to Service, there has been a boom asthe same in terms of design field. However thedesigners as subjects seem as they don’t have anyinterest in this matter and they don’t have thecapacity. Therefore, in practical field, Serviceplanning is not done by designers. There is a needof additional specialist. Based on this critical mind,from a service design point of view, criticizing theexisting design case, this researcher would like tosuggest the core of service design. The purpose ofthis study is to correct the concept of servicedesign, which happened to be superficial and makeit to experience indirectly, which turn out to suggestthe right concept of service design and mind. It could be said that service design is motivationdesign based on the design practical field. For this,it is supposed not to be the vain statistical researchand not to be just simple FGI(Focus GroupInterview). It should be suggested like re-definition,based on the understanding of particular situation. The most important thing is the understanding ofcooperation work, not the understating from the userpoint of view. The core of service design is to donew method and its feedback continuously throughthis procedure. Although many designers could understand thecharacteristics of service design, theoretically, thereis a need to have a mind to understand completelythrough Cast Study.

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