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논문 상세정보

“荒芜英雄路” — 论张承志的小说创作

Desolate road of hero―On Zhang Chengzhi's novels creation

중국학연구 no.67 , 2014년, pp.167 - 183  

In this paper I attempt to discuss from the aspects of theme, cultural psychology, patterns of discourse, and examine the strong nationalistic emotions and devout religious beliefs of the writer as clues and context, in order to comprehensively grasp the deep meaning of Zhang Chengzhi's writing style and literary imagery. The main points of the thesis are as follows:Ⅰ. Preface. General impression about Zhang Chengzhi's novels and general ideas of this thesis. Ⅱ. The theme of literary works. Zhang Chengzhi creation theme embodied in shaping the character, which is a series of independent personality and the rebellious hero, its core is the spirit of rebellion. This resistance can be divided into two: one is the cultural significance of the rebellion, a religious form of rebellion, the writer is persistent manifestation of heroism -- the essence are denied all kinds of autocracy and any non humanitarian thoughts. Ⅲ. Cultural psychology. By using the concept of cultural anthropology criticism, this thesis try do in-depth excavation of the cultural psychology of Zhang Chengzhi's novels from the original perspective . Ⅳ. Discourse form. The literary discourse of Zhang Chengzhi has the essence of confiding . This confiding is driven by the intense emotion of his works. Therefore, the lyrical and subjectivity has become a writer distinct language style. At the same time, the lyric essence decides the poetic features of discourse, and prompted the writer chose "poem" -- what he called "New poetry" as the literary form of discourse. In addition, the use of dialects, minority language and religious language make Zhang Chengzhi's Chinese writings present different cultural traits of a non chinese. Ⅴ. Conclusion.

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