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논문 상세정보

한반도 통일과 평화구축의 과제

Korean Unification and the Tasks of Peacebuilding

평화학연구 v.15 no.1 , 2014년, pp.7 - 28   http://dx.doi.org/10.14363/kaps.2014.15.1.7

The Korean unification is not just a simple issue of integration among Korean nationals, but goes well beyond; it is an universal agenda that reveals how to build a sustainable peace by overcoming the long structured ideological conflicts on the Korean peninsula. In this sense, this paper attempts to analyze the peacelessness of the divided Korea and tries to suggest strategies and methods for making sustainable peace on the Korean peninsula based upon the theory of peacebuilding. The theory tells that peacebuilding process comes on the one hand with efforts to resolve the substance of conflict which inhibits peaceful relations among related parties, and it comes on the other with resolving the emotional trauma underlying the conflict. The structure of the peacelessness on the Korean peninsula consists of substantial dimension of conflict including division violence and of the emotional dimension such as division culture and ideology. For building a sustainable peace with dismantling the peacelessness on the peninsula, it should initiate creative ideas of devising space and regime or institution to suffice conflicts, and it also requires a capacity building in leadership to execute the creative designs. Furthermore, the education on peace and unification is essential for peacebuilding in that it enables people in conflict to cultivate the relation-centered problem-solving skills so that the underlying emotional trauma could not develop into violent conflict.

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