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논문 상세정보

朝鮮에서 간행된 中國의 君臣圖像 - 朝鮮 中宗 命編 『歷代君臣圖像

A Study of “The Portraits of Kings and Subjects”

중국연구 v.60 , 2014년, pp.103 - 127   http://dx.doi.org/10.18077/chss.2014.60..005

In the history of Chinese and Chosun paintings, the ancient figure painting had the function of enlightenment. In this enlightened human purpose and the creation of the painting works were called "Reference picture". It helped the king to rule the country and to folks, it played the role of education teaching people in interpersonal communication to understand loyalty, filial piety, righteousness, and to follow the truth. King Jungjong kicked Yeonsangun off his throne and took his place, had faced the chaotic political situation. So he was in hurry to publish “The Portraits of Kings and Subjects”, as a kind of spiritual education on subjects of teaching. King Jungjong let Lee Hang take responsibility for publishing, so Lee Hang borrowed the ancient figure from Chinese paintings, and attached praise written by officials of Hongmunguan. In this book you can identify the differences between the Chosun and Ming dynasty literati in Chinese historical figures. The fact that Korea retained data that China has lost, and the fact that Japan had the book reprinted are enough to prove this book not only played a decisive role in Chosun, but also in China and Japan. This study is to correct the errors in understandings of the world of past dynasties, and to access the basic work of the good edition. For that I found the "The annals of the Chosun dynasty", "The daily records of royal secretariat of Chosun dynasty" and other related records. I also gathered all versions for comparative analysis.

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