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논문 상세정보

가속도센서를 활용한 영숙어 교육용 게임 설계 및 구현

Design and Implementation of Educational Game for English Idioms by Using Accelerometer

한국컴퓨터게임학회논문지 v.27 no.1 , 2014년, pp.79 - 88   http://dx.doi.org/10.22819/kscg.2014.27.1.010
김무근, 임창욱, 정형원

The ability of being able communicate in English is one of the core abilities to be reared for the students whohave to live in the modern society. English is one of the important languages of today. In order to learn suchEnglish, the most basic words and idioms need to be learned first. According to the previous studies, In theelementary school, students tend to lose their interest and affection about English as they move up the grades. However, In recent, 62% of th elementary school students have a smart phone and the main function used by58% among them is games. Due to these reasons, Interrest in learning smartphone game has been increasing. thisstudy intends to design and implementation the educative games for the learning of English idioms on smartphone so that the students can get interest and fun. The English idioms educating game which shall be produced in this study not only is easy and fun to beplayed by the learner but also made it possible for the English idioms learning not to be boring by adding fun andgiving motivations through competitions among the learners by making each obtainments of alphabets of eachEnglish idioms into points. In order to induce the repetitive learning of the learners, the lesson menu was used toallow the English idiom repetition lesson. Also, the acceleration sensor of the smart phone was utilized toproduce this game so that the game is played fluidly and conveniently.

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