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논문 상세정보

탄생적 상호주관성과 교육 - 비에스타(G. Biesta)의 아렌트(H. Arendt) 수용을 중심으로

Intersubjectivity of Natality and Education – G. Biesta’s Pedagogical Reception of H. Arendt’s Concept of Natality

교육철학연구 v.36 no.1 , 2014년, pp.53 - 72   http://dx.doi.org/10.15754/jkpe.2014.36.1.003003

This paper aims to examine the relevance of the so called intersubjectivity of natality by H. Arendt to the contemporary pedagogy according to G. Biesta who is one of the main recipients and interpreters of Arendt’s thought in pedagogy. In the first chapter, a brief topography of Arendt research in pedagogy is presented with focus on the concept of intersubjectivity of natality. In the next chapter, motives of this special concept are characterized as “dialogical relationship, paradoxical plurality, contingency based on alterity and responsive ethics.” According to Biesta, education in this space of intersubjectivity of natality distinguishes itself from the intentionality based and subject centered modern pedagogy in that (A) this new concept of education suggests another way of defining the educational subject as “coming-into-presence or coming-into-the-world” which denies a predetermined-transcendental identity and advocates a coexistential-dynamic process in the space of intersubjectivity, and (B) it has to do with disjunctive, deconstructive and violent nature due to the plurality, relationality, alterity and contingency in the intersubjective space of natality. Education in this sense, seen from a traditional perspective of the modern pedagogy, seems to be a “risky and even impossible” business, even though it could be a “beautiful” one as Biesta suggests. Biesta’s positive reception of the Arendt’s ‘natality’ into the theory of educational relationship can show a new way to redefine education as action instead of making, to reidentify the participants of educational practice and to reevaluate the meaning of educational practice.

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