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논문 상세정보

하나님의 영광과 인생의 위로 : 제2 제네바 신앙교육서 1-15문답과 하이델베르크 신앙교육서 1-22문답 비교 연구

The Glory of God and the Comfort of Life : Comparing Second Genevan Catechism Q&A1-15 and the Heidelberg Catechism Q&A1-22

개혁논총 v.29 , 2014년, pp.245 - 275  

This is the article to research the stating points between the Second Genevan Catechism and the Heidelberg Catechism. It was different for Geneva and Heidelberg to make out their own Catechism. It is sure that there are some differences in starting point, used words, and unfolding method between two Catechisms if the one may be compared with the other. For example, the Genevan Catechism starts proclaiming the honor of God in His creation and in eschatology in order to know God, whereas the Heidelberg Catechism begins soteriologically to say the only comfort in life and death by virtue of the works of Christ. The latter is Christ-centered, whereas the former is Father-centered.There are those different points not in contents, but only in form, style, or an approach method. The two Catechisms are in accordance with the substantial doctrines, because the recognition of God and the only comfort of human being are two sides of the human salvation. The difference between the two Catechismsis is only one, that is how to approach. The Genevan Catechism begins to approach from God who redeems the mankind from sin and death, whereas the Heidelberg Catechism begins to approach form human being who should be saved from sin and death. These two ways happen to meet in Christ who was crucified, dead, and rose from the dead. Therefore, the Genevan Catechism and the Heidelberg Catechism attempt to present only the soteriological way in Christ our Saviour.

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