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논문 상세정보

함정근무 해양경찰의 직무만족에 관한 연구

Study on Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction Korea coast Guard officer worked vessel

한국범죄심리연구 v.10 no.1 , 2014년, pp.211 - 235  
최현우, 허경미

This study aims to investigate the factors affecting vessel worked korea coast guard(kcg) officer Job Satisfaction. A Study on the Job Satisfaction of the Korea Coast Guard so actively be made without. Particularity, marine weather, marine a special working space Korea Coast Guard with expertise central administrative agencies. This study, research was conducted in order to identify the factors affecting vessel worked Korea Coast Guard Job Satisfaction. In this study, we proposed job-related factors as independent variables (job stress, work burden, dispatch cycle), human relations factors (supervisor and peer relationships, transformational leadership), work environment factors (promotion, discipline), organizational culture, external environment (external support), demographic factors (maintenance) work period, is Dependent variable, using the existing study job satisfaction (Park, Young Joo, 2007; sociology researcher, 2008) were studied. Drainage and recovered by a questionnaire survey marine Mokpo For the purposes of this study, Tongyeong, Ulsan, Pohang and Donghae worked on the pitfalls of working Korea Coast Guard officers 264 people. SPSS 18.0 was used as an analytical tool. t-test, analysis of variance, depending on demographic factors (gender, age, marriage, work duration, trap work experience, work department, class, maintenance, jikbyeol, ipjik path, Education) of the work period, traps work experience, maintenance there were no differences in job satisfaction and other factors, there was no difference. In order to analyze the job satisfaction factors affecting the results of regression analysis showed that job stress, mobilization cycle, supervisor and peer relationships, and external support on job satisfaction affectingFindings of this study in the following policy suggestions are made. First, the relationship between boss and co-workers in order to improve athletic competitions, club activities, such as program activation needs to be made. Second, the program prepared for a diagnostic vessel for workers reduce job stress on job stress and reducing is required. vessel reasonable dispatch cycle expenses need to be adjusted. Third, the vessel facility improvement program for improving departmental teamwork is needed

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