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논문 상세정보

현대인과 기독교: 개별적 정신의 확립과 계속되는 성육신

Modern Man and Christianity - Establishment of Individual Thinking and Continuing Incarnation -

신학과 실천 no.39 , 2014년, pp.253 - 280  

Modern society has achieved a lot of development in terms of physical aspects, but it seems that it has not achieved it in terms of mental aspects. Nowadays, many modern human beings feel the inner sense of emptiness, meaninglessness, a sense of loss; from a psychological point of view, we think it is like a man/woman suffering from (psycho)neurosis. We think that this is like a man/woman who is suffered by a neurosis from the psychological point of view. C. G. Jung said that a neurosis is “the suffering of a soul who has not yet found the meaning”, so if he/she finds it he/she can be recovered and develop more than before as he/she integrates himself/herself. Even though a neurosis gives much pain, it has also a positive side. He said that it is important to establish an individual thinking, to have a new world view, self-centeredness in order to be cured.Swiss analytical psychologist C. G. Jung suggested the Quaternitarian image of God for a new formation of Weltanschauung(world view) as the Trinitarian image of God is not enough to integrate the evil for modern human being. For C. G. Jung the Trinitarian image of God is so good as to integrate various bad factors in practical terms. But the Quaternitarian image of God in which the evil principle is a component of God besides the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost can help human being to integrate various psychological factors, especially bad factors. Because the evil principle is included and it does not make bad things in it without harmonizing with other factors. It is difficult to accept this in Christian theology, but we should consider it carefully.Furthermore, he insisted on the importance of the continuing incarnation, for modern human being, which Jesus Christ did once for all, not merely to beg their petitions or to project their psychological factors to the image of God. For Jung the incarnation means making consciousness of the divinity in human beings. So we can say that the incarnation is another name of what he calls individuation which is the goal of the psychotherapy. If one carries out continuing incarnation, he/she can live in integration without being seized by the evil force. We think it is more important for modern human being as he/she has more power with the development of the science and technology.

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